Lehigh Univeristy

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The coronavirus pandemic will hamper many holiday plans and activities. But as WLVR’s Gabi Falk reports, Historic Bethlehem Museums is finding a way to offer residents an array of Christmas activities, while keeping social distancing guidelines in mind.

Lehigh County started offering “B Ballots” Wednesday after some residents reported not having received their mail-in ballots.

State officials say they are concerned about student cyber safety. With so many Pennsylvania students attending classes virtually now, reports of online harassment and threats of violence are rising.

“The youth really need to come out, show that they have a voice, when there isn’t necessarily someone in government who is speaking for them and I think this is the way we get our voices heard.”

Keeping visitors to Bethlehem’s SouthSide safe is a top priority for local organizers as the seasons change, and coronavirus case counts appear to be climbing.


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