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This May, millions of cicadas, known as Brood X will emerge from the ground and climb trees looking for mates.

WLVR’s Brad Klein spent days this winter tracking down an enormous evening roost of crows. What do they do when they detect a predator among the trees where they sleep? It’s a behavior known as ‘mobbing.’

WLVR’s Brad Klein has seen thousands of crows flying over the Lehigh River in Bethlehem and wonders, where are they spending the night?

WLVR’s Brad Klein talks about the challenges of bird photography. Birds of prey flying overhead are particularly difficult to capture due to the problems of ‘backlighting’. But a landscape covered with snow can serve as a natural reflector.

For the next few weeks, thousands of snow geese will be moving through the Lehigh Valley on their way north. But our neck of the woods is only a stopover, so they won’t be sticking around for long.


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