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It’s always a treat and usually a surprise to find any species of Owl in the wild. WLVR’s Brad Klein, tells the story of coming upon a Great Horned Owl while going for a walk on an Autumn morning.

A cricket outside the PPL Public Media Center in the pre-dawn hours evokes memories of the Boy Scouts in WLVR’s Morning Edition host, Brad Klein.

WLVR’s Brad Klein has tried capturing a flash of lightning using photography. This week, he set out to capture the sounds of a thunderstorm, passing through the Valley on Sunday morning.

As state lawmakers debate how to help Pennsylvania’s economy recover from the coronavirus shutdown, environmental groups see an opening for a cleaner future.

Are these invasive bugs becoming a nuisance in your yard? Our region is very familiar with the spotted lanternfly. Here’s a DIY trap you can set up at home…


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