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The threat of COVID-19 is shutting down many recreational activities this summer, so people are flocking to state parks. But before jumping in the water, State Parks Officials tell WLVR’s Brittany Sweeney there are a few things to remember.

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, Pennsylvanians have flocked to state parks to catch a break from stay-at-home orders. As WLVR’s Megan Frank reports, the increase in visitors has made the Fish and Boat office more popular.

WLVR’s Brad Klein spotted a Ruby-throated Hummingbird building her nest about 8 weeks ago in Bethlehem. He returned most days and watched the two young birds grow up. They successfully fledged the last week of June. Brother and sister, the male has traces of what will become his brilliant red throat feathers.

WLVR’s Brad Klein reports on hearing an unexpected birdsong in Bethlehem several weeks ago. It turned out to be a ‘good’ bird, a male Yellow-throated Warbler.

It’s National Pollinator Week and local environmental organizations are raising awareness to spread the word about what you can do to protect pollinators and understand their value to the ecosystem.


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