Lehigh Valley metal band has more than 1 million listens on Spotify

Written by on February 24, 2021

Lehigh Valley metal band has more than 1 million listens on Spotify

By Ben Stemrich

February 24, 2021

Photo | Courtesy of the Tallah Facebook page.

The Lehigh Valley music scene isn’t necessarily known for its metal. But one local band could change that. “Overconfidence” by Tallah recently passed 1 million listens milestone on Spotify.

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Tallah founder and drummer Max Portnoy says he was hoping to capture the moment. But it all happened too fast.

“I was stalking our Spotify page for like the week leading up to it because it was like 900,000 or something, it was really close. And I wanted to see exactly 1 million and get a screenshot of it. And I freaking missed it,” Portnoy says. 

Tallah is part of a music sub-genre called “Nu Core.” Bassist Andrew Cooper says the song “Overconfidence” touches on everything the band can do.

“We got like crazy scream vocals. I really love the driving bassline in super gritty. The guitar work is just unrelenting. Justin’s vocals are all over the place, he’s just going nuts. And Max’s drums, he’s literally just bashing crazy the entire time,” Cooper says. 

The next big Tallah hit could be “We, the Sad” which already has over 900,000 listens.

Or their new single, “Cottonmouth.”

The band was founded in 2017 and signed with the record label “Earache” in 2018. 

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