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WLVR’s Community Correspondent Genesis Ortega spoke with Jose Rosado, the first Latino to be elected mayor in the history of Pennsylvania - in Fountain Hill. Read more
Voter registration totals have reached a record high in Pennsylvania - and officials say they’re expecting record turnout on election day as well. Read more
State officials say they are concerned about student cyber safety. With so many Pennsylvania students attending classes virtually now, reports of online harassment and threats Read more
As drug companies race to create a vaccine to help control COVID-19, the state Department of Health is urging Pennsylvanians to “continue to listen to Read more
Pennsylvania has averaged 1,000 new coronavirus cases a day for the past two weeks - with more than 1,500 new cases reported today. Read more
Latinos make up almost 15% of eligible voters in Lehigh and Northampton counties. But as WLVR's Genesis Ortega reports, people working to get out the Read more
One of the hardest-hit segments of the economy this year is the travel industry. But the Lehigh Valley International Airport announced an expansion Tuesday. United Read more
After a few deadline changes, the Census has officially ended its count on October 15th. But as WLVR’s Genesis Ortega reports, local city officials say Read more
Governor Tom Wolf is warning the fall resurgence of the virus is here. Governor Tom Wolf is warning the fall resurgence of the virus is Read more
The Lehigh Valley Restaurant Owners Alliance held a rally Monday afternoon on Main Street Bethlehem in response to the governor's recent veto of legislation to Read more


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