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A coalition of advocacy groups filed a lawsuit late Monday over Pennsylvania’s mailed ballot return deadlines, seeking an extra week for voters to send them Read more
Governor Tom Wolf plans to partially reopen some parts of the state on May 8. But, PA Post’s Ed Mahon, reports that’s not good enough Read more
Pennsylvania hospitals may be able to resume elective procedures and surgeries in the near future. Read more
PA governor calls for mandated race and ethnicity data for all coronavirus testing to get accurate picture of virus impact By Jen Rehill April 28, Read more
The national guard is stepping in to help shore up a staffing shortage at Northampton County’s nursing home following a serious outbreak at the facility. Read more
With more people working long hours from home, some doctors say there could be negative impacts on your physical health. WLVR’s Staci Inez reports. Read more
Some Pennsylvania outdoor recreation activities can begin Friday. Read more
Lehigh Valley nonprofit Promise Neighborhoods has been reaching out to families with young children in need because of the coronavirus pandemic. WLVR’s Staci Inez explains Read more
Stimulus checks are popping up in mailboxes and bank accounts across the Lehigh Valley. Although some may be tempted to splurge — WLVR’s Brittany Sweeney Read more
Non-life sustaining businesses are closed in the Valley. But folks have to eat. And WLVR’s Brad Klein reports that pizza remains unchanged. It’s still perfectly Read more


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