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Much of the discussion around evictions in Pennsylvania has focused on eviction bans on financial assistance for tenants and landlords. Read more
Pennsylvania has emerged as one of the key swing states in the presidential election. And while natural gas drilling is near the bottom of a Read more
The Census count is continuing this week - now that the deadline has been pushed back again to October 31st. And that’s giving local cities Read more
A professional geologist who worked on the Mariner East pipeline project says pipeline builder Sunoco/Energy Transfer prevented him and other geologists from inspecting and reporting Read more
Lehigh University is pushing back the spring semester amid COVID concerns. The school’s provost announced this afternoon that the next term, originally scheduled to begin Read more
A Montgomery County bakery is stirring up sales with a special line of confections for election season. And as Megan Frank reports, customers' reactions to Read more
Nearly 150 students at Lehigh University have now tested positive for COVID-19. In response, the school is extending campus closures. Read more
The pandemic and its impact on the economy has changed some families financial situations and affected their ability to pay college tuition. According to a Read more
Mark and Patricia McCloskey - indicted this week for brandishing weapons toward protesters in St. Louis this summer - spoke at a rally in Lower Read more
Man’s best friend is sniffing out one of Pennsylvania’s biggest threats. Read more


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