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Voices from Harrisburg’s shutdown protest-turned GOP rally Defying the governor's shutdown order, and spurred on by far-right activists and Republican state lawmakers, hundreds of people Read more
A new mobile testing site opened on Monday, April 20, in Wilkes-Barre. Read more
WLVR health reporter Brittany Sweeney spoke with a woman collecting electronics to help connect loved ones virtually. Read more
It began on April 1. Yamelisa Taveras, Founder of the Unidos Foundation, started making phone calls to find out who was in need, and then Read more
WLVR’S Brad Klein spoke to one Bethlehem resident who’s been through that. Read more
Governor Tom Wolf outlined his plan to gradually reopen Pennsylvania’s economy today - which he described as a “regional, sector-based approach.” Read more
A newly-signed executive order in Pennsylvania requires all employees of essential businesses, and most customers, to wear masks. Read more
WLVR’s Hayden Mitman recently spoke to several Lehigh Valley nursing school students about why they got into this field. And what it’s been like to Read more
In many ways, Dr. Rachel Levine has become the face of the COVID-19 crisis in Pennsylvania. Read more
Pennsylvania’s liquor control board is ramping up operations to try and meet demand for online orders. Read more


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