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Gene Shay the long time MC of the Philadelphia Folk Festival is critically ill with COVID-19. Read more
Penn State is leaving open the possibility of returning to on-campus classes in its second summer session. The university says it’s preparing for that based Read more
As coronavirus cases spike in nursing homes across the Lehigh Valley, state health officials are reporting that about half of all COVID-19-related deaths are in Read more
Pennsylvania has new mandatory protections for workers employed at essential businesses with in-person operations. Read more
WLVR ‘Community Correspondent’ Genesis Ortega spoke with Norman Bristol-Colon, head of the state Department of Community and Economic Development and the Governor’s Census 2020 Commission. Read more
Reports of child abuse and neglect have fallen significantly in the Lehigh Valley and across the state but it’s not a good sign for children Read more
Legislation headed to Gov. Tom Wolf’s desk would allow many businesses in Pennsylvania to reopen amid the coronavirus outbreak Read more
Second Harvest Food Bank distributes food to area nonprofits for people in need in the Lehigh Valley. But the organization is finding it harder to Read more
Pennsylvania’s top health official is mandating that labs across the state submit all demographic data they have on COVID-19 patients. Here’s State health secretary Dr. Read more
A surge in the use of sanitary wipes during the Covid-19 emergency has created headaches for wastewater treatment plants. Read more


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