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Allentown election judge Ericka Bickford was charged with election fraud earlier this week. She’s accused of altering ballot entries and prying into envelopes in the Read more
A yearlong study conducted by the state Department of Aging, found seniors are conned out of ten million dollars a year in Pennsylvania. And as Read more
Nearly nine million voters have registered so far to cast their ballots in November, in person and by mail. But Pennsylvania officials say they’re still Read more
Matt Tuerk is running for Mayor of Allentown 2021. He made the announcement via Facebook Live Tuesday afternoon. Read more
Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey is accusing the Trump Administration of hampering postal service deliveries. Casey says he has evidence of large containers of priority mail Read more
Pennsylvania’s chief fiscal watchdog on Tuesday criticized a state program under which businesses could seek permission to operate during Gov. Tom Wolf’s pandemic shutdown, saying Read more
Lower Saucon Township may change the rules about who can use its municipal property. That comes after a GOP rally last month drew roughly 250 Read more
To discuss what this means for the state and the country, WLVR's Brad Klein spoke with Terry Madonna, the Director of the Center for Politics Read more
New, more relaxed rules on crowd sizes go into effect on Friday in Pennsylvania, with the caveat that these restrictions might be tightened if case Read more
The Lehigh County District Attorney’s office announced charges yesterday against an Allentown election judge who is accused of altering ballots in the primary election earlier Read more


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