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Allentown School District Board Director says of classes going virtual for first quarter: “We’re going to be the leaders of Pennsylvania” By Genesis Ortega July Read more
Some Lehigh Valley families struggling to make ends meet are being pushed into poverty by the pandemic and even more are at risk. Read more
The recent death of an infant in Berks County, who tested positive for COVID-19, is sparking questions about how the virus impacts the very young. Read more
Creator of #BrownSkinPlantMama, Veronica Moore is sharing her journey of healing with nature... while also creating a space for Black and Brown people in the Read more
Bethlehem Area School District’s superintendent is telling parents to start thinking about childcare in the fall - now. Students will likely be returning to school Read more
Friday was the deadline for mandatory universal coronavirus testing for Pennsylvania’s nursing homes and long-term care facilities - but officials said about one in five Read more
Pennsylvania Department of Health officials say COVID-19 remains a threat in local communities. And that more contact tracers are needed to help contain the virus. Read more
Graduations, weddings, baby showers -- all kinds of celebrations and gatherings have been impacted by COVID-19. That includes Pride parades and festivals, prompting several local Read more
State funding aims to help businesses, schools, agencies move to cleaner fuel vehicles The state announced $2.1 million in grants By Anne Danahy, StateImpact Pennsylvania Read more


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