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WLVR’s Brad Klein was thinking this week about ‘Life-Sustaining Businesses’ that are allowed to remain open under Governor Tom Wolf’s stay-at-home order affecting Lehigh and Read more
Governor Tom Wolf announced Thursday, March 26, that he was setting aside $50 million dollars to help support state hospitals. He said healthcare systems across Read more
Communities around the Lehigh Valley have started adding something new to the little library stands in their neighborhoods. Read more
Melissa Miranda runs neighborhood health centers of the Lehigh Valley. It’s a community health center that treats the uninsured and underinsured. Read more
More than 100 types of businesses are to remain closed under an order issued by Gov. Tom Wolf on March 19 that’s aimed at reducing Read more
Two counties in the Lehigh Valley are now under mandatory stay-at-home orders from Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf. That began at 8 o’clock, Wednesday, March 25. Read more
WLVR’s K.C. Lopez recently spoke with St. Luke’s University Health Network’s head of infectious disease, Dr. Jeffery Jahre. He says there is evidence of community Read more
A measure to postpone Pennsylvania’s presidential primary until June 2nd is on its way to Governor Tom Wolf’s desk. Read more
The U.S. Senate unanimously passed a two-trillion-dollar coronavirus bill as of Wednesday, March 25. Read more
Governor Tom Wolf's announced in a press release that high and Northampton counties are now included int he mandatory stay-at-home orders effective at 8 p.m. Read more


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