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Weddings could occur with less than 25 people, in the yellow zones Read more
WLVR Community Correspondent Genesis Ortega spoke with a Bethlehem resident's family about the struggles they faced when he was diagnosed with COVID-19. Read more
Pennsylvania officials are working on plans to allow sporting events to resume. Governor Tom Wolf told reporters Wednesday, May 20, that he has been in Read more
Pennsylvanians who receive SNAP benefits may soon be able to purchase groceries online. The state has entered a federal pilot program to begin testing EBT Read more
Penn State is still aiming to bring students back to its campuses in the fall, and is coming up with plans for how to do Read more
The company MobileNOW! abruptly shut down Monday, citing the impact of COVID-19. WLVR’s Stephen Jiwanmall explains what’s next. Read more
Election officials in Lehigh and Northampton Counties are scrambling to deal with an influx of mail-in ballots as the June 2nd primary approaches. Read more
More than 1,500-hundred residents and staff at nursing homes and long term care facilities have tested positive for COVID-19 in Lehigh and Northampton counties since Read more
WLVR’s Brad Klein recently heard an unfamiliar sound along the D&L Canal Trail in Bethlehem. Read more
82-year-old Raymond Holland co-founded the chain of Holiday Hair salons in the 1960s that grew to more than 200 locations. Read more


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