Positive COVID cases come with spring fever in the Lehigh Valley

Written by on March 30, 2021

Positive COVID cases come with spring fever in the Lehigh Valley

By Ben Stemrich

March 30, 2021

Photo | Brittany Sweeney / WLVR

Temperatures in the Lehigh Valley are on the rise, unfortunately so are positive COVID cases. 

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Allentown Health Bureau Director Vicky Kistler says the numbers are up. She says businesses like local bars are seeing bigger crowds, but that’s not the only driver.

“Many workplaces have solidified their protocols and have not on their social distancing or masking. But it’s the after-hours, the sleepovers with the children, the get together with the families,” Kistler says. 

Colleges in the area are also part of the reason for rising case counts. Kistler says, there are currently four in the Lehigh Valley dealing with outbreaks.

“They’re getting together for the end of the year and partying. We don’t believe the vast majority are happening because people are in in-person classes, we think it’s mostly extracurricular activities,” she says.

Kistler says they are in talks with university officials to help contain the spread of the virus.

The Lehigh Valley is also seeing some of the different strains of the virus and people who don’t stay home. 

“We have some of the variants circulating in the community, we have folks that when they become ill if they are mildly ill continue to work, continue to socialize, continue to be around people which increases the spread,” Kistler says. 

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