election 2020

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The Constitution doe snot give power to the Vice President to reject fraudulently chosen electors. The electors were certified by officials in each state last month.

Republicans in Pennsylvania and elsewhere have been questioning the 2020 election’s results. The latest came this week with state lawmakers issuing a release stating voter turnout on November third was lower than the total vote count. Election officials say the claims are based on incomplete data.

The 2020 election brought Pennsylvania renewed national attention as a battleground state, and was the place that both handed President-elect Joe Biden his electoral victory and delivered Republicans broad down-ballot victories.

Tuesday evening, after excoriating the bipartisan pandemic relief bill passed by Congress, President Trump posted a roughly 10-minute video summary of his favored, and unsupported, assertions of massive electoral fraud in the November 3rd election.

This week, Brad Klein and News Director Jen Rehill discuss calls from the state’s top election official, Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar asking legislature to give county officials more time before election day to process mail in ballots.


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