Pennsylvania Primary

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About 1.8 million Pennsylvanians applied for mail-in ballots for this election, leaving officials with a lot more work than they are used to. WLVR’s Haley O’Brien has the story from Northampton County.

In yesterday’s primary, four wards in Allentown were consolidated into one voting location at Fearless Fire Company. And as WLVR’s Tracy Yatsko reports, complications around that meant the site opened late for in-person voting.

Wear a mask, keep a safe distance and bring your own pen. These are some of the changes Pennsylvania voters experienced casting their ballots today.

After paper ballots caused a tumultuous last election, Primary Election Day in Northampton County started quietly.

Pennsylvania’s primary election yesterday took place amid civil unrest, a pandemic, the introduction of new voting machines in 22 counties and the debut of mail-in balloting.


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