Senator Bob Casey

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WLVR’s Hayden Mitman spoke with U.S. Sen. Bob Casey to discuss his experience during the Capitol riots.

This week, WLVR’s Brad Klein and Jen Rehill discuss the aftermath of the Capitol riots, including details from Lehigh Valley delegates who were there and President Trump’s second impeachment.

Pennsylvania’s two U.S. Senators may come from different sides of the aisle, but the Jan. 6 events in Washington united the lawmakers in their defense of the state and the American democratic process.

U.S. Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey has brought forward two bills that would provide training to help police officers in dealing with individuals with mental illness as well as enacting a program to help reduce calls to 911 in non-emergency situations.

Pennsylvania’s two Senators say they support a new COVID-19 relief package that a bipartisan group of lawmakers unveiled Monday. The plan would prioritize areas of agreement while leaving more contentious issues to be resolved later.


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