Author: Victoria Scialfa

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Four million dollars of federal money is going to help clean up waterways around the commonwealth.

Mike Doyle, who has represented western Pennsylvania in Congress for more than a quarter-century and became the dean of Pennsylvania’s Congressional delegation, announced Monday that he will not run again for re-election. As WESA was first to report early this morning, the move comes as the incumbent faced a challenge from the left next year and — if he won — the prospect of being in the minority party in the U.S. House.

Gov. Tom Wolf is spearheading a package of legislation aimed at combatting sexual violence on college campuses.

Allentown Police Chief Charles Roca, appointed just last month, said investigations are underway. In fact, an arrest has been made in the fatal shooting and it’s not time for knee-jerk reactions. 

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is doling out nearly $2 million in support grants to ramp up booze production and sales. 


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