Lehigh County

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The Lehigh County jail has held two voluntary mass clinics with the Johnson & Johnson  vaccine since May, putting shots into 322 arms. Corrections Director Janine Donate said now they’ve switched strategies: they are waiting until they get enough inmates interested – about four or five – to use up a vial of vaccine.

A proposal for a new program offering counseling to Lehigh County renters is being met with resistance by Hayden Mitman September 8, 2021 A recent proposal from Lehigh County Controller Mark Pinsley would provide free legal counsel to renters who are behind on payments. It could be especially timely as the Supreme Court has recently removed […]

Tropical Storm Ida passed through our region Wednesday, dumping up to 8 inches of rain in some places.  

On Aug. 26, Lehigh County revealed its $505 million budget proposal for 2022. Executive Phil Armstrong’s budget proposal calls for no property tax increase for residents next year.

More than half of all renters in the region are considered “cost-burdened” according to data from the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission.


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