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Lehigh Valley Public Media has partnered with Lehigh University’s Department of Journalism and Communication. The department offers a class focusing on NPR-PBS journalism. Students, in turn, contribute content for use on WLVR-FM and PBS39. 

Department Chair, Jack Lule, finds this to be beneficial for both organizations, “One of the things that we always stress in the journalism department is experiential learning,” Lule said. “We strive to give our students as much experience as possible. We set up internships for every one of our students, and this is going to make those internships that much more plentiful and that much more engaging because they’ll be doing it right here on the campus with standards of the PBS and the NPR organizations.” 

Examples of student work is available here. 

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Pulitzer Center funds Lehigh University student journalist to investigate internet access in rural PA

The picturesque bridge in Honesdale. Photo | Jordan Wolman

Residents of the Lehigh Valley may take convenient internet access for granted.  But not so far away, rural residents of Pennsylvania often struggle to get online. And a lack of internet access can have disastrous effects on a community and its residents.

WLVR’s Brad Klein spoke with Jordan Wolman, the Fall 2020 Editor-in-Chief of the Lehigh University student paper, The Brown and White. He wrote a powerful online feature story on the subject of Rural Internet Access. Listen to the full interview.

His story on the challenges of obtaining internet services in rural Pennsylvania. It’s called, ‘A Crisis of Connectivity: Internet Access in Rural PA’ and was funded by the Pulitzer Center through a ‘local crisis reporting’ grant.


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