Carbon County

Summer staples are beginning to open for the season and with COVID regulations relaxing in Pennsylvania things could start to feel more normal.

“There’s something freeing about downsizing, and not having so much stuff to worry about.”

In 2018 Sarah Branchide and her boyfriend Alex Lorkowski decided to move out of their three bedroom home in Philadelphia and into: a short school bus.

Beltzville State Park in Carbon County has been a very popular spot this summer. In fact, some would say it’s too popular, as the park has been crowded with visitors from other states in the wake of the pandemic.

Carbon County is the only county in the Lehigh Valley region that will move out the red phase and into the yellow phase tomorrow. But some recreational outfitters are already open, as permitted under the state plan.

Pennsylvania is moving another 12 counties to the yellow gradual reopening phase this Friday, May 22. But most of the Greater Lehigh Valley remains under the red stay-at-home orders.


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