President Trump

Exactly one week after U.S. Rep. Susan Wild was hunkered in an undisclosed location in the U.S. Capitol complex after insurgents attacked, she cast her vote on Jan. 13 to impeach President Trump for his role in those violent events.

The U.S. House of Representatives is taking up a resolution that would call on Vice President Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment and take over President Trump’s duties.

The House is expected to impeach President Trump a 2nd time. Here’s how it will work. This time, though, impeachment could be bipartisan. By Deirdre Walsh / NPR The House of Representatives is on track to impeach President Trump for the second time in 13 months — marking him as the only president to receive […]

The 2020 election brought Pennsylvania renewed national attention as a battleground state, and was the place that both handed President-elect Joe Biden his electoral victory and delivered Republicans broad down-ballot victories.

Tuesday evening, after excoriating the bipartisan pandemic relief bill passed by Congress, President Trump posted a roughly 10-minute video summary of his favored, and unsupported, assertions of massive electoral fraud in the November 3rd election.


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