After the big chill comes the big melt

Written by on February 24, 2021

 After the big chill comes the big melt

By Haley O’Brien

February 24, 2021

Photo from a Dec. 17 2020 snowstorm. This is a photo from the West End of Allentown. Photo| Ben Stemrich.

Communities across the Lehigh Valley have been covered in white since the first big storm of February. And with warmer temperatures forecast, snow will be melting for the rest of the week. 

The monthly snowfall total from the Allentown area this year is more than 38 inches. Usually, it’s just around a foot.

Over the next few days, we’ll have sunny, higher temperatures in the 40s. But low temperatures at night, according to Dean Iovino is a meteorologist at the National Weather Service

“What that causes to happen is the snow will melt during the day then the melting will slow down at night, and pick up again during the day. So it’s a nice gradual snowmelt,” Iovino says. 

Flooding is not a concern, he says, even with rain expected this weekend. But melted snow could turn to ice at night. He says drivers should still be cautious for the next several days. 

The good news for sunshine lovers is Iovino believes this month-long snow cover is over and it will be melted next week.

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