Author: Victoria Scialfa

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Significantly more people who are vaccinated against COVID-19 ended up in the hospital with the virus in September than in previous months, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

A group of East Coast states will now let law enforcement agencies share gun crime data. 

Allentown’s Halloween parade is this Saturday, and it’s a lot larger than the last time it was held, before the pandemic. The cost for the event has skyrocketed and that caused a heated debate in city council this week.

This weekend, the Lehigh Valley Wicked Fall Plant Festival is bringing a few hundred varieties of plants to Allentown. 

This week: Mail-in ballots are starting to arrive for those who have requested them, and in Northampton County, drop boxes are open; and labor shortages are affecting a broad range of jobs in the Lehigh Valley and it’s pawpaw season and Brad has sampled the wild local fruit for the first time. 


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