Bethlehem Moravian College will soon be Moravian University

Written by on December 16, 2020

Bethlehem Moravian College will soon be Moravian University

By Genesis Ortega

December 16, 2020

Photo| The Brown and White, Lehigh University

Moravian College was founded in 1742, making it one of the oldest standing colleges in the United States. But as WLVR’s Genesis Ortega reports, it’s headed for a name change. 

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Bethlehem’s very own Moravian College is transitioning to become Moravian University. 

College president Bryon Grigsby says the Board is poised to vote on the proposal next month. 

“If the Board approves the recommended name change in January, we then have to submit our application to the Department of Education of Pennsylvania. On their website it says that it takes two months.”

He says the change will mean more academic prestige for students and faculty. And a better chance at recruiting international students who may overlook a “college” program.

“I am hopeful that the Class of 2021 could be the first graduating class of Moravian University, but if not, then the incoming class of 2021 will be the first class to the Moravian University.”

Grigsby says the transition, including signage, could be completed over the next two years. 

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