Bowlers raise funds to rebuild snow damaged Hampton Lanes

Written by on February 26, 2021

Bowlers raise funds to rebuild snow damaged Hampton Lanes

By Haley O’Brien

February 26, 2021

The roof of the Hampton Lanes in Northampton caved in under the two feet of snow that fell in February. Community members are now raising money to help rebuild. Photo | Haley O’Brien / WLVR

Cinder block walls crumbled under the weight of the two feet of snow that hit Northampton’s beloved Hampton Lanes in early February. Now, loyal bowlers rally to help the owners rebuild.

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Half the roof collapsed that day and two weeks later, crews are still sweeping the lanes. Pinsetters still sit in puddles.

The whole building needs repair now, says General Manager Jason Lauchner.

“Debris everywhere, and you could see the dust cloud that went through the place, and ceiling tiles popping out all over even in places that didn’t collapse,” says Jason Lauchner, general manager of 

Photo | Haley O’Brien / WLVR

The bowling center reopened in early January after the latest Covid shutdown. And the snowstorm hit less than a month later. Leagues relocated and more than 20 employees were laid off again. 

But Hampton bowlers refused to be idle. 

Supporter Esteban Morales created the Facebook group titled “Strike Now! Spare Hampton!”

Photo | Haley O’Brien / WLVR

Others donated hundreds of items including gift cards, kitchen gadgets, and packed coolers to be raffled off this weekend. Morales says he’s overwhelmed.

“There’s a lot more good out there than people actually, you know, realize. And this group itself proves that because the show of support has been astronomical,” Morales says. 

The owners of Hampton Lanes say the money raised will be put to good use. Lauchner is looking forward to modernizing the lanes he and his dad have run for the last 20 years.

Photo | Haley O’Brien / WLVR

“This was a very old center when my dad bought it, we’ve renovated it a lot over the years but for the first time ever we have a say in the footprint I guess, which I guess is nice,” Lauchner says.

Lauchner hopes to reopen Hampton Lanes again in October. 

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