Candidates trade harsh words in Northampton County executive race

Written by on October 27, 2021

Candidates trade harsh words in Northampton County executive race

By Hayden Mitman

October 27, 2021

Republican candidate Steve Lynch [Left] and sitting Northampton County Executive Lamont McClure [Right]. Photos | Hayden Mitman and Tracy Yatsko / WLVR

EASTON, Pa. – Harsh words and pointed fingers are common during election season, but the barbs traded in the Northampton County Executive’s race might be a little sharper than most.

Here, sitting county executive, Democrat Lamont McClure is facing off against Republican challenger, and political newcomer, Steve Lynch

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McClure, an attorney who served on county council for nine years and was elected county executive in 2017, said he’s pushing for lower taxes and the preservation of greenspace. 

“No administration before mine has invested as much money in open space, environmentally sensitive land and in farmland preservation,” said McClure.

His opponent, Lynch, a personal trainer, calls himself a radical on patriotism, liberty and freedom. He said he’s not an anti-vaxxer but considers vaccine and masking rules government overreach. 

“The solution that the government put out was way worse than the infection itself to begin with,” he said. 

Lynch attended the rally before the invasion of the Capitol in Washington D.C. on Jan. 6. And he courted controversy for suggesting ‘20 strong men’ confront local school boards over masking mandates.

McClure said those comments from Lynch are terroristic threats. 

“Lynch is a domestic terrorist and he needs to be treated as such and he threatened school board members with physical violence,” said the county executive. 

McClure has refused to debate, Lynch argued.

“He’s a liar. He is a coward. He won’t debate me. Two times I tried to debate him, actually I wanted three debates. He won’t do it,” said Lynch. 

Asked why the two have not met for a debate, McClure said that he doesn’t want to give Lynch a platform, saying “anti-vaccination and anti-masking rhetoric could get people killed.”  

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