Gov. Wolf on COVID-19 vaccine distribution: “We need to do a better job”

Written by on February 12, 2021

 Gov. Wolf on COVID-19 vaccine distribution: “We need to do a better job”

By Tyler Pratt

Feburary 12, 2021

Gov. Tom Wolf is trying to reassure Pennsylvanians that his administration is working to improve the slow progress on distributing COVID-19 vaccinations.  

“Even if we were doing a perfect job, and we are not, Wolf says, “Three-quarters of the vaccines that are needed right now in Pennsylvania, this minute, right now, we don’t have.” 

He’s also pointing out county-level successes in helping older adults navigate the Commonwealth’s confusing, piecemeal vaccine registration system.  

Since the vaccine rollout began, Pennsylvania has consistently had one of the lowest vaccine distribution rates of any state. Right now, it’s ranked around 43rd.  

State officials have said states’ rates shouldn’t be compared because among other things, Pennsylvania is conserving second doses of the vaccine, while some other states are not.  

But Wolf says regardless, he knows the Commonwealth isn’t where it needs to be.    

“I’m not making excuses. We need to do a better job. But we’re all operating under constraints that are as real as anything you can imagine,” Wolf says.

 PA Secretary of Aging Robert Torres says one of the best ways for older people to get vaccine help is for agencies on aging to work more closely with counties.  

He pointed to Butler County as a success, saying its aging agency has been helping give out information, coordinate transportation, and helps at vaccine sites.  

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