Governor Wolf considering possible additional COVID mitigation orders

Written by on December 8, 2020

Governor Wolf considering possible additional COVID mitigation orders

By Tyler Pratt

December 8, 2020

Pennsylvania’s governor is again “sounding the alarm” that COVID-19 cases in the commonwealth are at a critical point. He’s warning that hospitals are almost full and says more mitigation efforts may come soon. 

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Governor Wolf is painting a dire picture of the effects of coronavirus in the state. He says the entire healthcare system is on the precipice of becoming overwhelmed. Which would affect more than just those who need COVID care – because Doctors and nurses won’t be unable to treat other patients.

“People that might have survived serious illnesses – they’ll die. This dangerous and disturbing scenario is not only possible. It becomes increasingly likely.”

Wolf says he’s considering next steps this week if the virus numbers continue to worsen. But he says he doesn’t anticipate a statewide shut down.

“The time is different right now and the blunt instruments that we had to use to buy time back in March and April we don’t need anymore. We can be much more targeted.”

Wolf is stopping short of saying more, but he and the top state health official both pointed to maskless indoor gatherings as contributing to the spread of the virus.

And one big question is whether that could mean more restrictions on dining at bars and restaurants.

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