Grass allergies have strong roots in the Lehigh Valley

Written by on May 19, 2022

Grass allergies have strong roots in the Lehigh Valley

By Megan Frank
May 19, 2022

The Lehigh Valley is an especially hazardous place for people with grass allergies. (Photo | Creative Commons)

ALLENTOWN, Pa. – The smell of freshly cut grass is permeating the Lehigh Valley right now but for some, those green blades cause sneezing and wheezing.

According to pollen forecasts, the valley ranks among the worst regions in the country for grass allergies. 

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Peak grass allergy season in the Lehigh Valley runs from May through June, according to Dr. Robert Zemble, an allergist and immunologist at Allentown Asthma and Allergy 

“I think in general most of our pollens are pretty severe here, particularly our tree and grass pollen, which peaks from mid-spring into the summer,” said Zemble, who also serves as the division chief of allergy at Lehigh Valley Health Network

Zemble said pollen is worse in the valley because surrounding mountains tend to trap allergens.

“I see it as the allergens getting trapped because of our geographical structure of physically being in a valley.  So, we get these high pollen levels and they just stay,” said Zemble. 

However, there are some ways to cut down your exposure when spending long periods of time outdoors, he said. 

“It’ll help to wear a mask when you’re mowing the lawn and wearing sunglasses,” he said, “And when you’re not outside, the key is to keep the outside, outside.”

Taking a shower after being outside may also help to curb allergens, Zemble said. 

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