Lehigh Valley dispensary reacts to NJ’s marijuana legalization

Written by on November 16, 2020

Lehigh Valley dispensary reacts to NJ’s marijuana legalization

By Stephen Jiwanmall

November 16, 2020

Photo | Stephen Jiwanmall / WLVR

New Jersey legalized recreational marijuana last week, joining 14 other states. Cannabis advocates would like Pennsylvania to follow suit. WLVR’s Stephen Jiwanmall spoke to a Lehigh Valley dispensary about how this might play out here.

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Keystone Canna Remedies was the first dispensary to open in Pennsylvania two years ago. Co-founder Victor Guadagnino says medical marijuana is booming in the Keystone State, and it won’t be long before recreational marijuana is legal, too.

“We all know that it’s coming. Really now, the question is ‘How do we do it correctly?’ How do we set it up for success and also, how do we protect medical marijuana?”

Governor Tom Wolf last month framed legalization as an economic boost that could help the state offset the impact of the pandemic.

“If Pennsylvania does not legalize recreational marijuana and New Jersey does, people will go to New Jersey. As they do that, I’m assuming New Jersey will put a tax on it, so Pennsylvania tax money will be going to New Jersey.”

The Democrat has been calling on state lawmakers to legalize recreational use, but Republicans control the House and Senate and have shut down attempts in the past.

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