Local community leader and realtor on the future of the Hispanic Cultural Festival in Easton

Written by on June 2, 2020

 Local community leader and realtor on the future of the Hispanic Cultural Festival in Easton

By Genesis Ortega

June 2, 2020

Photos of the Hispanic Cultural Festival in Easton. Photos| Provided by Genesis Ortega / WLVR

John Acevedo is a local real estate business owner in Allentown who’s helped organize the Hispanic Cultural Festival in Easton for the past eight years. The annual event usually takes place in July, but concerns about COVID-19 have meant a pause on planning for now.

WLVR Community Correspondent Genesis Ortega spoke with Acevedo about the festival, it’s future for the summer, and what it’s been like coping with the uncertainties of the pandemic as a community leader.

“It became like an event for people to showcase their business and services and also to have cultural things…that are not typical in the USA. This gives the larger community an opportunity to see what is it that hispanic culture has to offer,” said Acevedo.

When asked about the future of this year’s event Acevedo said he’s uncertain.

“July won’t happen because any chance to do a later run through, September and October…it all depends on what the city will allow.”

Due to his involvement with the chamber, Acevedo was recently able to be a part of a national hispanic community conference call with President Trump. Acevedo said if he had another opportunity to ask the president a question it would be: 

“What’s going to happen with hispanic immigration?”

When asked what he thought the future of the real estate business is in the Lehigh Valley, Acevedo said this.

“We’ve been in a sellers market for a couple years or so…there’s gotta be a time where you switch to a buyers market…likely we are going to a buyers market at some point, maybe not in 2020 but maybe in a year or so.”


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