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House lawmakers previously approved the bill. It now goes to the full Senate for consideration. Read more
The process of finding an alternative supplier can be complicated, officials say. Read more
Monitoring waste water will allow health officials to have a better idea what's really happening. Read more
Every year public school districts pay more than $3 billion to charter schools in the Pennsylvania, officials say. Read more
The ruling could impact the race between Lehigh County judicial candidates Republican David Ritter and Democrat Zachary Cohen. Read more
"...Now I feel welcome. I feel wanted," Santiago said. Read more
Cancer survivors who have made a difference beyond their own illness will be celebrated. Read more
Cases have risen sharply across Lehigh and Northampton counties. Read more
Allergies are worse here because the surrounding mountains tend to hold the allergens in. Read more
Brothers and sisters want to stay together which causes placement challenges. Read more


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