Nature Walk with Brad Klein: Rara Avis!

Written by on March 26, 2021

Nature Walk with Brad Klein: Rara Avis!

By Brad Klein

March 26, 2021

Orange-crowned Warbler feeding at Sapsucker ‘wells’ in Leatherleaf Viburnum – March 22, 2021. Photo| Brad Klein / WLVR

WLVR’s Brad Klein spots a ‘rare bird’ in Bethlehem’s Nisky Hill Cemetery. It’s an Orange-crowned Warbler. Not a flashy bird.  But for this location, at this time of year, it’s rare enough to stir the heart of any Pennsylvania bird watcher.

And it’s remained loyal for at least a week, to one small shrub on the slope that leads down to the Lehigh River, where it’s found a source of sweet plant sap to help sustain it, so early in the year.

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