Pennsylvania Game Commission wants to talk turkey

Written by on July 2, 2021

 Pennsylvania Game Commission wants to talk turkey

By  Katie Meyer / WHYY
July 5, 2021

Photo by Kranthi Remala from Pexels

HARRISBURG, Pa. – If you see a turkey in the wild, the Pennsylvania Game Commission says there’s an important reason to take count and flag the location on a state app.

Listen to the story.

The game commission cares about turkeys a lot. Exhibit A: this gobbling compilation on their YouTube channel. Youtube.

Turkeys are the commonwealth’s second-most-popular game animal, according to state wild turkey biologist Mary Jo Casalena, who has a wealth of fun turkey facts.

“You know the males are polygamous, they create harems,” Casalena says.

It’s important to know about how many turkeys there are so they’re not overhunted. That has happened in the past, and the population only recovered in the last couple decades.

But now, Casalena says they’re seeing the population fall again in some places, likely because of habitat loss and also wetter springs, which are bad for young turkeys.

“It seems to be a trend due to climate change,” she says.

For any hunters worried the game commission is going to blow their secret turkey spot, Casalena says don’t worry. You can keep things vague and still help out the birds.

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