Tiny homes could help combat homelessness in Lehigh County

Written by on February 12, 2021

Tiny homes could help combat homelessness in Lehigh County

By Megan Frank

February 23, 2021

Photo| Tumbleweed Tiny House Company via NPR

A team of community activists in Allentown are trying to help the homeless. 

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They want to build a village of tiny homes on city property and this week they’ll present their idea to Allentown City Council

Michael Frassetto runs Movement Moves Media, a nonprofit in Allentown that offers youth programs in media production. He says the city is taking too long to come up with a plan to help the homeless. 

That’s why he joined forces with other community leaders to create a plan to build a tiny home community called “Hope Village.” 

“The model is there to help those who don’t have shelter right now. It’s very tough to get your life back in order when you don’t even have shelter. The first phase of this is to build 25 shelters [tiny homes].”

Frassetto says because the county and city have money set aside to help the homeless, he wants to see it used to kickstart the tiny homes initiative. 

“What we are looking for are parcels of land that are very underutilized in Allentown. We can house 200 people in this tiny homes community on just under two-acres of land,” Frassetto says.

County leaders said last week at a Lehigh County Commissioners meeting, they’re open to the idea.

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