What does trick or treating look like two years into the pandemic?

Written by on October 22, 2021

What does trick or treating look like two years into the pandemic?

By Genesis Ortega

October 22, 2021

Halloween arrives early at the John F. Kennedy Recreation Center and surrounding streets as the neighborhood is transformed into a Halloween wonderland as part of M&M’S Trick or Treat Halloween celebration on Thursday, October 27, 2016 in Newark, N.J. Residents enjoyed open air trick or treating, family-friendly activities, free candy and costumes. (Photo by Stuart Ramson/Invision for M&M’S/AP Images)

BETHLEHEM, Pa. – Halloween is right around the corner. And, while we’re still in a pandemic, Trick or treating this year is different from last year when we saw certain areas with curfews and even bans on candy distribution.

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Here’s what you can expect this year.

We know more than we did in 2020. And that’s a major difference, Michael Carnathan, a physician at Arrow Primary Care in Bethlehem, said.

Those who went Trick or Treating last year were strongly advised to keep face masks on at all times. But that may not be the case this Halloween.

“If you’re going to be outdoors trick or treating in a small group, there’s really no need this year to be wearing a face mask to protect yourself or protect others. If you’re going to congregate outdoors with a lot of children or going inside to an indoor Halloween party, then it would be advised to put the mask on,” Carnathan said.

Carnathan said children 12 and under who are not vaccinated still need to be very careful and advises those kids to remain with family and close friends.

“So what we know this year is that this virus doesn’t transmit very well outdoors with good ventilation. Generally speaking, walking around with a few people, the risk of COVID transmitting from one person to the other is low,” he said.

Studies show that the virus doesn’t live long on surfaces which means parents don’t need to stress about sanitizing candy wrappers again.

And trick or treaters recently got the green light from Dr. Anthony Fauci. He also had a positive outlook for the rest of the holiday season including Thanksgiving and Christmas for those who are vaccinated.

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