Wolf calls GOP lawmakers’ election fraud claims ‘a shameful lie’

Written by on January 6, 2021

Wolf calls GOP lawmakers’ election fraud claims ‘a shameful lie’

By Tyler Pratt

January 6, 2021

Screenshot from one of Governor Wolf’s COVID-19 update press conferences.

Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf is calling the members of Pennsylvania’s Republican Congressional delegation, who plan to delay the counting of the state’s electoral votes Wednesday, liars. 

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“They claim to believe that Pennsylvania’s election was compromised and our electors suspect this, of course, is a shameful lie,” he says.

Wolf says the lawmakers, who have penned letters saying they object to the Commonwealth’s election results are using the tactic for personal political gain.

“That’s shameful and that’s destructive and I cannot let it stand unchallenged,” he says.

PA Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar, who oversaw the election, joined Wolf at the noon news conference.

“Pennsylvania held a fair, free, secure and accessible election for eligible Pennsylvanians with exceptional Pennsylvania with exceptional transparency throughout the entire process,” Boockvar says.

Wolf directed the majority of his comments today towards lawmakers, but also had two words for Pennsylvanians who believe the election was fraudulent. . 

“You’re wrong. And I would suggest to the people who are fomenting this disinformation and trying to make people believe against all reality all the facts that they ought to stop doing it,” Wolf says

Congress meets now to officially count the state and the nation’s electoral votes.  

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