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She'll lead an effort aimed at providing everyone the same access to resources. Read more
In one 24-hour period earlier this month, 10 patients at LVHN died from COVID-19, physician says. Read more
1 to 3 inches of snow is in the forecast, followed by freezing rain. Read more
Meeko is on a mission to save the planet from single-use plastic. Read more
The COVID treatment is not a replacement for a vaccination, experts say. Read more
Zion's Reformed United Church of Christ is yet another victim of COVID-19. Read more
Each day is a challenge as those who answer calls get sick too, officials say. Read more
Advocacy group has seen a surge in the number of people looking for health insurance and ways to pay for it. Read more
The test measures the level of a certain kind of protein that is present during an attack. Read more
The wind farms would generate enough energy to power 2 million homes, officials say. Read more


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