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Years in the making, the community-owned grocery store is set to open next summer. Read more
Best friends behind the PA Rye Co are veterans of the Allentown hospitality scene. Read more
But the land won't be available for two years -- and it's an hour's drive from the city. Read more
A Lehigh Valley infectious disease expert is urging dental practices to be on the lookout. Read more
The unidentified man is in stable condition, police say. Read more
Linda Mayger, of Saucon Valley, is a ShelterBox representative. Read more
Local colleges are preparing to handle cases of monkeypox on campus, if need be. Read more
Police tape and several officers were in the area of Plaza Tropical, near Main and Lehigh streets. Read more
Casey visited the Lehigh Valley to address economic, supply chain and inflation issues. Read more
It's the first case in Pa. found in backyard birds that are not commercially sold, state officials said. Read more


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